About 1Lay

We help people who store information sensitive to unauthorized access on their mobile devices. This kind of information may not be required very often. However, the risk of its disclosure is comparable to the risk of theft of documents and valuables from home. Therefore, a person agrees to carry the keys to the front door and the token for the smartphone. On the other hand, a person uses tokens according to the rules of online banks or the employer.
We offer a tool that does not have analogues in terms of security (the probability of interception of data is equivalent to the possibility of donating an attacker from hand to hand your unlocked phone) and which has no analogues in terms of compatibility with all mobile devices without any additional conditions.

The innovative token is unique - it communicates with a smartphone in the safest way in the world. The user puts the token (a small key fob) to the touch screen of the smartphone and the token passes a code using capacitive coupling, which cannot be intercepted. In turn, the token receives a code from the mobile application through the screen using hidden optical channel. After mutual verification of the token and the application, access to the data is provided. The token is intuitive to use, does not require technical knowledge from users to configure mobile devices, and fills the "gap" in the existing market segment. Consumers want to be able to securely store their data without having to enter a complex password each time. Moreover, users can use one token for all his mobile devices and send encrypted data between them over the Internet. By opening the application, he can use the automatic entry of passwords encrypted in it to enter websites or other applications (Internet banking, mobile payments, social networks, gaming sites, government services, business applications).